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McConnections Software
McConnections Software


McConnections is unique software for Mcdonald's restaurants that has been designed by our development team to help automate back office tasks, increase efficiencies and reduce human errors. McConnections includes a number of different features including pulling through your epos transactions and posting to Sage 50, importing your supplier's invoices, mapping the nominal and VAT codes and posting to Sage 50, flexible financial reports and finally the facility to automate the time-consuming task of creating specific month end reports for McDonalds.

McConnections is easy to install and set-up. It will reduce manual data entry, reduce errors and will put a big smile on your administration teams faces.

features and benefits

  • retail: save time by automating the cash sheet entry and sales transactions.
  • franchise: Martin Brower invoices are imported, assigned tax and nominal codes and posted to Sage.
  • queries: any queried invoices can be flagged and submitted electronically to Martin Brower.
  • reporting: with McConnections, you have lots of flexibility when it comes to producing financial reports
  • month-end reports: cut out the manual job of creating reports for McDonald's with McConnections.

Before we implemented McConnections and Sage 50, we had a big job to manually process a large volume of creditor invoices. We also entered cash sheets manually. Now everything is automated and we have much greater visibility of our VAT and product break-down in our Sage accounts package.

One of the additional benefits we get from the new system is that we can produce a detailed Profit & Loss report with options to compare against budgets and against last year. The whole process of reporting to McDonald’s at the end of the month has been completely automated, now we can simply export our Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet to a McDonald’s specific format at the end of the month. What was a time consuming task is now done in a couple of minutes.

We set out to reduce the workload and manual data entry processes. We certainly achieved the savings, I would say about 6 hours per week between importing cash sheets, importing invoices and doing the month end reports. The team at Envisage Cloud have been with us throughout and are always there to assist us with any issues/queries we have.

Morgan McStay
Natline Ltd t/a McDonald's

for more information on McConnections, download the datasheet here

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