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envisage cloud developed add-ons for Sage software

We have developed a range of software applications to suit specific industries and requirements. We also develop custom applications to meed customer's specific needs. Take a look below at our core products.

connections software


The smart retail solution - integrating EPoS with Sage back-office accounts

Connections was designed by our development team to help retailers manage their back office tasks in a fast and efficient way. Developed originally for the convenience store sector, Connections is now used in many different types of retail environments.

Connections helps retailers by automating the sales transaction entry at the end of the day - sales transactions are uploaded electronically, mapped to the correct nominal and VAT codes and posted to Sage 50 or Sage 200. Similarly, supplier invoices can be imported electronically, matched against the electronic delivery from your epos system and then uploaded straight into Sage 50.

Connections is all about removing the manual steps, applying some simple logic to a computer program and helping retailers get better efficiencies as well as more detailed and accurate information.

integrating, automating, driving retail efficiencies and growth

Direct Debit Software

direct debit software

easydd direct debit software has been designed by our development team to automate manual direct debit processing and integrates with both Sage 50 and Sage 200. Manual direct debit processing can be costly due to the number of manual data entry processes involved and can often result in errors.

easydd takes away all the hassle and automates the entire process from start to finish, so you can get paid faster and process the transactions with just a few clicks.

using direct debit software is easy, with easydd

SageLink software


SageLink is a modern software tool which has been specifically designed to help retailers streamline their
administration processes. Taking transactions from CBE’s WinRetail EPoS solution, SageLink allows users to view, edit or enter transactions before approving and posting to Sage 50.

McConnections Software


McConnections is unique software for Mcdonald's restaurants that has been designed by our development team to help automate back office tasks, increase efficiencies and reduce human errors. McConnections includes a number of different features including pulling through your epos transactions and posting to Sage 50, importing your supplier's invoices, mapping the nominal and VAT codes and posting to Sage 50, flexible financial reports and finally the facility to automate the time-consuming task of creating specific month end reports for McDonalds.

McConnections is easy to install and set-up. It will reduce manual data entry, reduce errors and will put a big smile on your administration teams faces.

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