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Sage project management services

We assign a project manager to each of our Sage projects. This means that our clients have a nominated point of contact to work with and liaise with throughout the project.

The role of our project manager is to ensure all the tasks are scheduled into a plan, that our client knows exactly what's happening and when and that if there are any issues during the project, the project manager is the "go-to-person".

Providing Sage project management services is what we do best. We have been managing Sage projects for many years, so we have a good idea as to how it should all work. Often common sense prevails and although we like to follow a structured approach, we are dealing with real-life scenarios and from time to time, things don't go according to plan! That's all part of our job to manage situations and make sure the project gets back on track and that the client is satisfied with the outcome.

Sage 200 software development

Sage software development

Often, clients come to us with a problem, a scenario or sometimes a scribble on a piece of paper. We then like to dig deep to get a full understanding of what is required and what the overall result should look like for the client. Not all software systems are designed with a particular business in mind, so sometimes it can be frustrating to work-around specific situations, when maybe there is a better way.

Once the details have been agreed, our team of Sage software development professionals then transform the client's requirements into software.

We do all kinds of software development projects from small tweaks through to custom applications and software integration projects. We have also developed our own software applications, Connections, McConnections and easyDD.

As a Sage Strategic Partner, we specialise in Sage software development projects, however we also do stand-alone development projects.

Making sure that projects are carried out professionally, with documentation, project management and the appropriate development skills is what we do best. While not all clients require Sage software development services, they are usually happy to know that if they need something unique to their business, they can get in touch with us to try to find a solution for them.

Sage 50 training

Sage 200 training

We provide training services for our clients across all of our products. We specialise in on-site Sage 200 trainingand Sage 50 training.

We realise that every business is different and so too are the training needs from company to company. We provide Sage 200 training as part of new project implementations. The training is delivered in a professional manner by a qualified Sage consultant. Similarly, we provide Sage 50 training on-site. We always reflect the needs of the business in our delivery of our training programs.

We also provide ad-hoc training, where companies/existing clients will come to us and look to get more advanced training on one aspect of their Sage 50 or Sage 200 software, or they may require a new employee to be trained up. Either way, we are delighted to be of service.

Sage 50 support

Sage 200 support

Our support team are highly experienced and know all things about Sage 50 and Sage 200 support queries. They have probably come across nearly all possible technical support queries over the years.

As reliable and robust as Sage software is, we are still needed at the other end of the phone to provide some advice or a helping hand when the time comes or a crisis arises. Clients usually phone in or email in their queries, we provide an automated response and we get busy to ensure that calls are responded to promply. We also provide remote access support services, where we dial in remotely to the client's PC, do some investigation and provide a solution to the problem.

We carry our client service surveys regularly as we like to get feedback to see what our clients really think about us! We take the feedback seriously and do the very best we can to ensure we are addressing any issues or areas for improvement.

Below is a quote from a long standing customer who took the time to put pen to paper to express his satisfaction. We very much appreciate and welcome comments (positive or negative).

Patrick O’Neill
Financial Controller
Diacom BNC

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